AnwarBey is a creative with a very strong imagination. Anwar applies his imagination to all he does in life; art, lecture, adventure, story development, design writing, brand consuluting, video game development and that is not even the half of it. Anwar lives by the reality of limitless possibility and so he creates unique solutions to unique problems. Anwar brings a perspective that is out of this world, for to Anwar, there are no limits.


Creative Consultant

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CEO & Creative Director

Mind Traveler Design

AnwarBey created the idea of Mind Traveler Design (MTD) on a bus ride on his way to art school in 2004. 10 years later he found the confidence to the apply ideas of MTD as professional full-time endeavor, thus entrepreneurship. Needless to say in 2014 his whole life evolved in only the most wonderful of ways.

Anwar directs a boutique design development studio called Mind Traveler Design (MTD). Located in San Francisco, it is in the epicenter of the tech revolution. Starting as a 3d character creation studio, MTD has evolved into a maker of virtual reality games, cross platform design, 3d asset creation, and overall hub of expert intelligence in everything video game, art, and design related.


In Dubai I experienced the future. In Colombia I found an applicability to a world outside of anything I knew. In Thailand I saw the peacefulness of life. On the continent of Africa I realized everything I'd ever learned was just one perspective. In Australia I found Africa all over again. So I went back to Africa. Apply curiosity to everything and reveal your own truth.

When experiencing travel expeditions to countries around the world, Anwar often travels to multiple countries during his trips. He gains the opportunity to observe, journey, and learn about design which allows him to understand life existence a bit more, and the human experience that connects us all. Importantly Anwar’s travels expand his ever growing knowledge about the limitless possibilities of the world and often uncover new business opportunities. He is always discovering new artists and designers, often times creating working relationships on various projects as well.

Writer and Adventurer


Speaker & Creative Leader

Everyday is an opportunity to create that in which we see so clearly in our minds. Tame the Savage Hater and thus allow the Wonderful Imagination to create without constraint!

Through the years Anwar has experimented and tested a myriad of different design philosophies he created obtained during his adventures. Anwar develops design philosophies that he uses to catapult the mind to freedom with the imagination, allowing the mind to come up with solutions and not be obstructed by obstacles physical or physiological. Anwar shares his design talks with top companies in technology, design, nonprofits and commerce groups worldwide.


Soon. I will work with brilliant people to create a design school that does not just teach the tools of the trade but the philosophy to create ways to deliver on any dream or goal, and solve for any perceived obstacle at hand. That school will be named something super cool! Soon.

Professor at Academy of Art University


Design is the process of celebrating the imagination. Journey with me to whole new worlds of imagination application.

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