Creative Consultant


My name is AnwarBey. Welcome to my little planet of things. Click around and see what I have been up to. Hello.

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Mind Traveler Design. (MTD) is a creative development studio. We focus on creating entertainment products that evolve storytelling and thus an entire generation. PLASMAworlds: WOLDU


Creative Director
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Writer & Adventurer
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Traveling as a professional writer, designer, and artist expands my perspective on the world and my place in it. Traveling keeps me humble, reminding me that all things can and are accomplished in many different ways. I am soon to be launching an amazing project I have created called PLASMAworlds, in fall 2019. Check it out.

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The time is now! The greatest opportunity of our lifetime, to create that which we see so clearly in our minds. I have developed design philosophies that I share in design talks with top companies, students and teams worldwide.


Speaker &
Creative Leader
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Professor at
Academy of Art
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One of the coolest experiences is showing an eager open mind the world of limitless possibilities. I lead students to the pathing in their minds that connects imagination to reality, enabling them to create artwork and designs that are from their dreams.

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Design is the process of celebrating the imagination. Journey with me to whole new worlds of imagination application.

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