"I remember the day I woke up and realized Iā€™d designed a lifestyle of spectacular freedom.

It was within that realization that I challenged myself to focus all efforts to bringing the visions I saw so clearly in my mind, to life."


Anwar is dedicated to mixing it all up in the most beautiful of ways.


Anwar was born in Camden, New Jersey, but he grew up in a small desert city called Colton, California. It was there that he learned that an idea is worthless without action, so his curiosity grew and so did his tinkering. In the beginning he had no idea what was possible in the world but he knew that things were happening and so he came up with ways to catch a glimpse. Those glimpses lead him deeper into the trackless path of life, until he started to see how things connected and then how to orchestrate connection himself.


Inside the studios of Blizzard Entertainment, Activison, Zenimax Online and EA games, Anwar saw how the worlds greatest video game studios captivated millions with their products. In 2014 Anwar made a choice to create a studio of his own, Mind Traveler Design (MTD). Anwar has been an entrepreneur every since, he now partners with studios to create solutions for their products. Creativity leads the way. My importantly, Anwar also creates products of his own, with the help of MTD, his latest creation is called PLASMAworlds^, a multi-media entertainment action adventure IP that is garunteed to rock the industry on a worldwide level. Launching Fall 2019.


Here's what I've been up to


Design is the process of celebrating the imagination. Journey with me to whole new worlds of imagination application.

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